Work Goals

Develop professional strategies to design, clarify, and develop a plan to achieve your work goals.

Work Goals

Setting goals is important in your job. Having goals set for you is very different than setting goals for yourself. As you set your ninety-day work goals, make sure that these goals are in alignment with your priorities and your purpose and establish goals that will ignite your energy for work. Your personal ninety-day work goals don’t necessarily have to be what someone is imposing upon you. Your ninety-day work goals should align with what drives your internal motivations.

Use this downloadable business development worksheet to set goals for your work. Set revenue goals, market share goals, productivity goals, and even the purpose for your work. Your purpose tells you what you want to do with your life and how you want to use your gifts and talents. Your goals help you define your objectives and clarify the steps you need to take to accomplish your purpose. When you have clarified your goals in life, you will be one step closer to fulfilling your purpose. Goals can be personal or professional, tiny or grand, achieved tomorrow or within 90 days. They may even be aimed at leaving a legacy beyond your lifetime.

Brian Tracy encourages readers to do three things:

Write down your goals. It is not enough just to have a vague idea of what you want to achieve. You need to develop specific, measurable goals and write them down.
Make plans to achieve your goals. For every written goal, you need to determine three or four or five specific actions that will help you reach that goal.
Work on those plans every day. Most goals cannot be achieved by sporadic and occasional effort but require daily attention and action.

There is room on this worksheet for seven work goals followed by five action steps. However, with work goals, if you are the team leader, we believe it’s important for you to use the page in two separate ways. Not only will you set your own personal work goals, but if you are creating teamwork goals we find it helpful to create only one, two, or three goals for each ninety-day period. They need to be clearly articulated and then followed by specific action steps that can be easily understood. The key element of work goals is to communicate them to every member of your team and continue to communicate them every day for the next ninety days. People working on your team want to understand what is expected of them and how they can be most in alignment with accomplishing the goals that have been set out. Communicating and accomplishing ninety-day work goals will bring fulfillment and meaning to your work.