Highest and Best

What is the highest and best use of your God given strengths and talents?

Highest and Best

To help you clarify what your specific highest-value activities are so that you can readily select the best possible 5 before 11 activities, we have created one final tool for engaging, called “Your Highest and Best.” Completing this one-page worksheet will rapidly help you turn the corner from slogging through your day feeling bored and frustrated to living into your gifts and passions so that you are engaged, creative, and productive.

All high-value activities point toward the bigger picture. Learning how to focus on your high-value activities is a four-step process:

Write down what you love to do at work, at home, in your hobbies. What do you really enjoy doing?
Validate your strengths. What comes easily for you? Your goal is to spend the bulk of your time on what you do best.
Based on what you enjoy doing and are good at, write down your highest-value activities. Answer this question: if I were living my ideal life, how would I spend my time each day?
Clearly define for the outcome. How would you benefit if you focused your time and energy on doing your highest-value activities?

The reality is that if you intentionally planned your day, spending the bulk of it on these activities, your life could change overnight—and it would change forever. Take a few minutes now to fill out the Highest and Best Activities Worksheet.

Once you have clearly identified your highest and best activities, you will truly begin to see their worth. Ask yourself:

What do I love about my work?
What are my personal strengths and talents?
What are my highest-value activities?
How do I want to be rewarded in life?