Enterprise Solutions

Happiness and purpose for your employees.
Increased productivity and reduced turnover for your company.

The workforce is facing uncertainty, stress, anxiety, and constant distractions at unprecedented levels. This has profound mental health implications. Most companies wait until the employee quits or needs care, while prevention is an infinitely more effective solution.

“The Great Resignation” of 2021 has shown that employees have hit a tipping point. There’s a growing awareness that life can be different tomorrow than it is today. People are asking powerful questions about their future, their purpose, their role, and their priorities.

As a company, you can respond by providing a step-by-step process that reengages your employees and activates them to bring their best.

The 7 Minute Life provides the technology, training programs, and an interactive community that helps your employees align their daily work with the internal needs that subconsciously drive every human. We have spent the last two decades building a step-by-step process that is reinventing well-being programs in the workplace. We focus on helping people maximize meaning in life through rediscovering the power of purpose, innovation, creativity, excellence, and happiness.