Time management skills
and a guided path to gain clear direction for tomorrow.

The 7 Minute Life was founded as a time management company. Time is your most valuable asset and developing time management skills has never been more relevant. We deliver personal development, professional development, and leadership development training. We  improve time management skills, increase daily productivity, create strategic plans, develop short-term and long-term goals, strengthen team communication, and implement repeatable processes and systems.The 7 Minute Life provides tips, tools, worksheets, checklists, books, and daily planning resources. We provide live and online training. We offer unique value by combining hard skill and soft skill training.

Our founder, Allyson Lewis says, “Time is your most valuable currency. Time management skills are required to improve work/life balance and fight burnout. But, time management is only the beginning. What people really want is more time to spend with their families. They want to reconnect with their priorities and purpose in life. They want to focus on meaningful work. People want life to matter.”

Let’s work together to bring purpose and happiness to the workplace.

Personal and professional development is in high demand. Now, more than ever, companies want their employees to work with commitment, clarity, conviction, determination, and excitement. We spent two decades developed highly effective strategies that have already helped thousands of people around the world.

The 7 Minute Life exists to…

… help you find purpose and happiness in your day-to-day life – We provide working professionals the classes, tools, interactive memberships, and community support to help them achieve their goals.

…take corporate well-being initiatives from a concept to actionable outcomes – We offer customized solutions and training programs for companies that want to prevent burnouts, increase retention rates, and have more engaged, productive employees.

About The 7 Minute Life

We want to…


a culture of creativity and innovation


products and tools that make the busy world more manageable and

Raise Awareness

that time is our most valuable currency


each individual, team and corporate entity to perform to their
highest potential