Our Mission

Increasing Awareness of Workplace Stress and Mental Illness

The 7 Minute Life is on a mission to increase awareness of workplace stress and mental illness. The problem has never been more critical. People are living with unprecedented uncertainty. They are overwhelmed, stuck, frozen and exhausted. We are committed to providing ground-breaking innovations, technology, training, and community to fight the global mental health epidemic.

Workplace Stress

83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress

Stress is a major health issue of modern times that affects millions of people worldwide. Individuals are suffering from many forms of stress. Stress at the workplace is among the most common types of stress.

Excessive occupational tension affects workers’ productivity, efficiency, and physical and emotional wellbeing. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic headache, and apathy are among the common signs of excessive stress in the workplace. Managing stress at the workplace has become an important aspect of health care. Employers have a legitimate duty to protect workers from occupational stress by doing and acting on a risk assessment. The benefits of workplace stress management are fairly obvious. The quality of employees’ working life will be better; their productivity and morale will boost; their attendance levels go up and the absence of sickness will go down–all of this can be achieved with stress management programs. Source: “Global Workplace Stress Management Market (2019-2025)“

Our Core Values

To Inspire

creativity, curiosity, and awareness that time is a valuable currency.

To deliver​

products that make our busy world more manageable, efficient, and joyful.

To create

a culture that encourages a life full of purpose, productivity, and passion.

To build

an enterprise that will maximize shareholder value and uphold good corporate governance.

To empower

each individual, team, business unit, and corporate entity to perform to their highest potential.

To continue

to evolve in order to meet the demands of our customers in an ever-changing world.

To maintain

a leadership team filled with integrity, expertise, and enthusiasm to drive the 7 Minute Life to new levels of success.

To promote

diversity, inclusivity, and an environment in which every person can thrive.

To be the leading

provider of comprehensive life management tools.

To set high goals

in the areas of growth, profitability, customer service, technical advancement, and talent attraction and retention.